AIS-R's Mission

Together, we cultivate inquisitive, independent, and resilient learners who inspire positive change in their communities.

AIS-R’s Core Values

We believe that...

Every individual has equal worth and dignity.

We are stronger when we embrace and learn from the diversity of our community.

Learning is a lifelong journey and is a catalyst for personal growth.

Our individual actions impact our interconnected global communities.

Open and honest communication builds trusting relationships.


AIS-R’s Mission Impacts

Each student will be curious and actively engaged in their own learning.

Each student will actively participate in and positively contribute across communities.


AIS-R Strategies

In support of our mission impact, we will deliver a competitive curriculum with highly qualified, passionate educators who challenge and motivate each student throughout their learning journey.

In support of our mission impact, we will provide an environment of understanding and engagement in our AIS-R community.

In support of our mission impact, we will enhance our visibility and foster partnerships in Saudi Arabia and beyond.