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Superintendent’s Welcome


Dear AIS-R Community

It is an honor to return for my second year as the Superintendent for the 2022/23 school year. It is a milestone year as AIS-R celebrates 60 years of Educational Excellence. We are so proud to continue this work together with our current AIS-R community while finding time in March of 2023 to celebrate along with those that were influential in making this school an incredible place to grow and learn for thousands of students over six decades.

As we look forward to our new school year, and put behind us the unusual school year last year that had us face numerous changes due to COVID restrictions, we are optimistic that stability and routine is imminent and we cannot wait to have ALL of our Eagles back on campus.  We have a brand new Mission Statement, new Core Values and three strategies that we created collectively with our community last year. Hundreds of parents, students and teachers were involved in creating our collective future, culminating in 31 members of our community coming together for three days to confirm our commitment to our community and each other. 

What I know is that we are so lucky to have our children attend a school that pours their soul into the academic, social and emotional growth of each and every student. This community is supportive and caring, and will push our children in very meaningful ways. Our magnificent campus provides opportunities to our children that many could only dream about. Anything is possible. That being said, the heart of what makes AIS-R special are the incredible teachers that work with our Eagles each and every day. These talented educators have worked for years on perfecting their craft and guide students of all ages to be their best in a caring and collaborative environment.

As we return to school, connections between our community members will be prioritized. The connection between adults on campus, teachers and our deserving students. I know that the relationship and community feeling that exists is so incredibly special and as school reopens, we will prioritize these human connections. I invite you to join us in our school wide theme this year:


Despite world circumstances, AIS-R will continue it's unwavering commitment to its Mission of excellence and continue to unite the EAGLE community in its strength, creativity, and resilience. Within this Covid-19 context, AIS-R’s modern approach to education -- utilizing transformative research, processes, and tools -- has allowed for uninterrupted delivery of learning standards, wellbeing and safety, and community action so as to inspire our students to be responsible, productive, and ethical global citizens. AIS-R is well-equipped to honor a readiness mindset for the demands of today and the opportunities of tomorrow.

We are AIS-R EAGLES: AIS-R is a proud mission-driven community of learners and leaders, immersed in an ethos of shared beliefs, values, and celebration. Since 1963, AIS-R has earned a solid reputation for rigorous academic pursuits, high student achievement, innovative practices, and exceptional programming. As a modern learning organization, AIS-R is dedicated to nurturing responsive, adaptive, and motivated global citizens through a dynamic, strengths-based, and wellbeing educational program fortified through the AIS-R Eagle Honor Code. We proudly uphold full accreditation awarded by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and the Council of International Schools (CIS), and we are authorized to grant the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. We have also been honored with “International Certification” through CIS, which validates our drive for intercultural understanding and global citizenship. As a result, AIS-R’s graduates readily matriculate to an array of the most prestigious colleges and universities worldwide and our Class of 2021 accomplished the highest IB results in the history of AIS-R, and a 100% pass rate, despite the world circumstance.

The culture of thinking and learning at AIS-R -- be it through our momentary Distance Learning Plan (i.e. virtual learning during campus closure); in the ultramodern STEM, Robotics or Science labs; on the grass fields; through activity-rich classrooms; or in our 700-seat performance arts theater -- produces creative, active and memorable experiences, such as #EagleEffect or TedX Youth @ AIS-R. We hire and retain exceptional educators who focus their energy and expertise on developing students holistically, and, therefore, foster the habits of mind, life-worthy skills, and dispositions that learners require to develop into responsible, active, and compassionate global citizens.

Whether perusing our website, reviewing our admissions procedures, or walking through AIS-R’s “Circle of Nations” on campus upon reopening, you will get a vivid sense of our genuine commitment, enthusiasm, and positivity for the education of global “thinking” citizens, the promise of our future. We believe in our common purpose of learning and flourishing together. And, upon meeting our impressive students and faculty, you will quickly realize something unique is unfolding within this bustling learning oasis!

Together We Rise




Most sincerely,

Colin Boudreau