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American International School - Riyadh, P.O. Box 990, Riyadh, 11421 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Learning at AIS-R

Welcome to another year of learning at the American International School-Riyadh!

AIS-R's Distance Learning Plan 3.0, created in response to the continuation of distance learning in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia', has not hindered our ability to continue to cultivate an exciting and engaging learning and thinking culture K-12. The Learning Office ensures there is a shared commitment to learning not only by our student learners, but by our leadership team members, teaching faculty, and support staff - this year and every year. Multiple opportunities for learning are offered to our community in our Distance Learning Plan and teachers continue to hone their professional skills this year through participation in workshops such as NESA webinarsNESA Network Learning SeriesNESA Parents as Partners, to name just a few.

The Learning Office coordinates and supports all learning programs from Pre-K to adult learning. The Learning Office works cooperatively with all leadership team members and teaching faculty to develop and align the curricular programs for our community of learners. Developing student and teacher agency and self-directed learning is a key component to our Annual Professional Learning Plan and ongoing Learning Coaches Cycles, Labsites, and Learning Rounds. Teachers set goals and reflect upon their growth with our AIS-R Professional Learning and Growth Menu, inspired by the Stronge Teacher Effectiveness Performance Evaluation System.

According to our mission, AIS-R students will be ". . . ethical global citizens with the skills and passion to think creatively, reason critically, communicate effectively and learn continuously.” In 2017 AIS-R received our Global Citizenship Certification from the Council of International Schools (CIS). This certification reflects our continued drive to embed global citizenship learning in all aspects of our K-12 programs for our students, our teachers, and our community. AIS-R has written a definition of Global Citizenship for our students: “An AIS-R global citizen possesses the understandings, skills, values and mindset to take meaningful action in creating a more inclusive, sustainable, and peaceful world.”

AIS-R was awarded five year re-accreditation status by our learning partners CIS (Council of International Schools) and NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges) in January 2021 following the completion of the CIS Team Evaluation/NEASC ACE External Visit. The process of accreditation can be viewed as a ‘catalyst for school improvement’. (NEASC, 2018) The re-accreditation protocols from CIS and NEASC allow schools such as AIS-R an opportunity to evaluate current practices and programs, and self-reflect as a learning community to determine next steps in establishing and maintaining a modern learning environment. Our commitment to engaging with our thought partners and leaders in quality educational standards such as CIS and NEASC ensure AIS-R is a truly dedicated learning and thinking community.

AIS-R’s Definition of Learning and Learning Principles embody what we value and believe in education. These principles guide the development of exceptional learning opportunities for all learners, create an inclusive learning environment and ecosystem, and nurture a culture of care where thinking is valued, visible and part of the everyday learning experiences for all our learners.

Welcome to AIS-R! We invite you to Learn With Us!