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After School Activities

On Campus:

The After School Activities Program offers a wide range of activities for students in Grades 1-5. After School Clubs are designed to provide fun ways for kids to further explore their interests, learn new skills, and gain new experiences.  After School Clubs are facilitated by individual teachers, and are usually tailored to a specific grade level band.  After School Sports are available for Grade 4 and Grade 5 students.  Students can register to play soccer, badminton, and basketball during their respective seasons.  After School Sports teams will practice twice a week and the season will conclude with an intramural tournament.  ALPS is a paid, after school language program which offers students the opportunity to continue the development of their Arabic speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.  


All After School Activities are scheduled from 3:30-4:20. To participate in any After School Activities, whether it be a club, sport, or ALPS, requires parents to register the child and arrange transportation accordingly. 

Middle School After School Activities (Gr. 6-8 Only)

On Campus:

The After School Activities Program offers a wide range of activities for students in Grades 6-8. Most of the activities are designed by individual teachers and include cooperative games, recreation, arts and crafts, etc. The minimum number of participants in an ASA is 10. Activities run from 3:30 - 4:20 with offerings on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. If less than 10 students sign up for an offered ASA, the ASA will be cancelled or combined with another ASA. If an ASA is cancelled, the students enrolled may be offered an ASA that has open spots. Parents will be contacted by the MS Office for additional choices.

Distance Learning:

Middle School After School Activities are not available during Distance Learning

Middle School Athletics (Gr. 6-8 ONLY)

On Campus:

Middle School Athletics are available for Grade 6-8 students. Teams are selected through a “try-out” format. AIS-R is involved in a local league: “ISSL-R” - International Schools Sports League-Riyadh; and in a national league: “SAIKAC” - Saudi Arabian Intra Kingdom Athletics Conference. Middle School athletes can also participate in international events such as track meets. Based on restrictions from the Ministry of Education, Middle School Athletics may not have opportunities to participate in competitions with other schools, if this is the case, the Middle School will host their own intramural athletics events.