Distance Learning @ AIS-R Defined

AIS-R's Distance Learning Plan 3.0 blends “synchronous” instruction (real-time) to include: live lessons, office hours, and peer break-out groups, with “asynchronous” (accessible anytime) modules in an intentionally designed schedule for developmental-appropriateness, peer connectivity (social, emotional, and academic) and a school/life balance. This enhanced plan includes research from National Standards for Quality Online Learning, Virtual Learning Leadership Alliance, and the Digital Learning Collaborative.

The quality of Synchronous/LIVE Zoom Learning is enhanced by:

  • A daily schedule that provides consistency and structure
  • A balance of whole class and small group interaction
  • Frequent, personal check-in’s with teachers
  • Regular feedback to students & parents via emails, assignments, portfolios, etc.

The quality of Asynchronous/Home Learning is enhanced by:

  • Developmentally-appropriate independence
  • A balance of independent and collaborative work
  • Resource-rich resources for learning to include articles, videos, podcasts, etc.
  • Opportunities for acceleration, challenge and extension