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Global Citizenship


An AIS-R global citizen possesses the understandings, skills, values, and mindset to take meaningful action in creating a more inclusive, sustainable, and peaceful world.

Global citizenship lies at the heart of the AIS-R Mission, Eagle Honor Code and the IB Mission. At AIS-R, students are educated and inspired to be responsible, productive and ethical global citizens. The IB Mission aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring young people who help to create a better, more peaceful world, through intercultural understanding and respect.

International-mindedness hinges upon being open to multiple possibilities and perspectives, thinking globally in order to act locally, and seeing ourselves as members of the human race as well as a local community. This era of increased global interconnectedness promises unprecedented possibilities for interaction and enhancement of mutual understanding and respect. We seek to be open to these possibilities by nurturing the dispositions and Habits of Mind that support intercultural competence and global citizenship. AIS-R does this through its Mission in action - the AIS-R Eagle Honor Code.

Education for global citizenship relies on the development of authentic learning environments that see the world in the broadest context for learning, and apply shared knowledge to solve global issues. The AIS-R community consists of students, parents, faculty and staff from more than 50 nationalities, and together forms a global learning community that understands that other people, with their different perspectives, can also be right.

AIS-R is a school that continues to learn and improve in the ways in which it delivers a 21st century global education, which is why we embarked on a two-year process toward Global Citizenship Certification with the Council of International Schools (CIS). This collaborative, project-based learning involved the planning and implementation of six K-12 projects that continue to enhance the school community’s intercultural competence and commitment to global citizenship. This is AIS-R’s next evolution in its commitment to excellence in teaching and learning. The leadership team along with faculty members formed project teams, met with CIS evaluators to review proposals, completed action steps, shared with stakeholders, submitted progress reports and reflections, completed the Intercultural Development Inventory, created a definition of global citizenship, submitted final project reports and prepared for the CIS Presentation Visit. In May of 2017, AIS-R was awarded Global Citizenship Certification and continues to take steps within the six K-12 projects to develop global citizenship learning for all students and the community.