Student Success


Elementary School

The Elementary School Student Success Program includes Counseling classes (once per 5 day rotation) and daily AM and PM C.R.E.W. times with the homeroom teacher or a specialist teacher. Both the Counseling classes and C.R.E.W. times focus on ensuring that all students feel welcome and included in the Elementary School community, developing students’ social emotional learning competencies, and teaching and practicing transdisciplinary skills, such as thinking, social, and communication skills.

Middle School

AIS-R’s Middle School Student Success Program seeks to:

  1. Help children feel safe and a sense of connection (belonging and significance) (relationships)
  2. Foster and maintain mutual respect and encouragement (engagement)
  3. Be effective long-term (Considers what the child is thinking, feeling, learning, and deciding about himself/herself and their world) (meaningful)
  4. Teach, model, practice, expect and feedback effective social, emotional, and behavioral skills life skills (positive emotions)
  5. Invite children to discover how capable they are (accomplishment)

To meet the above, AIS-R’s Middle School has adopted the methods and practices of the five social emotional competencies outlined by CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) as well as the science and research of the 5 elements of Positive Psychology: Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, & Achievement.

Highs School Counseling Center

Academic advising is a key component of the educational program at AIS-R. Upper School Counselors work closely with students at all grade levels to help them select the most appropriate courses and programs. Counselors assist students with the acquisition of knowledge and skills required to pursue their future educational and career goals. Counselors support the academic, social, and personal dimensions of a student’s life at AIS-R. The Guidance curriculum is also chiefly designed to help our students relate effectively to others, develop appropriate educational plans and explore career objectives. Counselors work with individual and small groups through a comprehensive guidance curriculum in every grade level. We support students with a variety activities designed to develop skills and resources for life-long learning.