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Admissions Process and Information

Thank you for considering AIS-R as your school of choice. We are now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 school year. We invite you to review the criteria for your child’s admission below and also the details regarding the admissions process.

The Admissions Office is open from 8:00 AM until 4:30 PM from Sunday through Wednesday and 8:00AM until 4:00 PM on Thursday. The office is open during the summer, however, hours will be limited (times will be posted on the website in May).

Please contact the AIS-R Admissions Office to schedule a school visit. AIS-R has rolling admissions and accepts students throughout the school year with applications being submitted in February for the following year. Documents should be submitted to the school through the Online Application. HERE

We look forward to welcoming you to our learning community.

Admissions Office Contact:
(0)11-459-7500, ext 305 or 306
Sundae Witkowski, Director of Admissions

Criteria For Admission

The school makes every effort to accept qualified students. This decision is subject to academic entrance requirements, as well as enrollment and class size limitations established by the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to limit student enrollment and deny an application if it does not align with school Admissions policy.

Criteria for admission to AIS-R includes: age, completion of all required application documentation and entrance assessment (including the Confidential Teacher Reference form and AIS-R counselor interview - as requested by the divisional office), full review of previous school records, English language proficiency, overall learning potential, availability of seat/program, and ability to make tuition and fee payments. In addition, while students of all nationalities are encouraged to apply to AIS-R, enrollment and admittance priority will be given to those students who are North American passport holders and have a verifiable requirement to an American education.

AIS-R teachers differentiate their instruction and support individual student needs to the best of their ability, however, AIS-R does not provide a Special Needs Program for students with significant learning needs.

In general, this includes students with an existing IEP or 504 plan and those enrolled in programs or classes such as Resource Room, Remediation Program, Special Education Class, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, or Counseling Services/Therapist Services (behavioral, emotional, social, or academic). Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis, taking all available information into careful consideration. AIS-R does not offer a gifted/talented program.

Please note:

  1. PreK applicants MUST be fully potty trained prior to joining AIS-R.
  2. AIS-R is NOT a nut-free campus and cannot guarantee that food prepared by our Dining Hall nor food brought by students is nut-free.

Application Requirements

The Online Application, Application Fee, and required documentation (as listed below) must be completed and submitted before a student can be considered for admissions testing and AIS-R’s applicant wait pool:

  1. Student’s passport photo page
  2. Copy of the student’s second passport (if applicable)
  3. Copy of each parent’s passport photo page
  4. All records from previous schools attended to include:
    • Contact information for last school attended, including email, phone and address (AIS-R will contact the current school in order to obtain a Confidential Teacher Reference. The Confidential Teacher Reference must be completed and on file before a student can be considered for admissions testing and AIS-R’s applicant wait pool.)
    • Previous 2-years final report cards
    • Current year-to-date report card
    • School profile with an explanation of the grading scale
    • If requesting an entrance assessment exemption: standardized test records (required for applicants in Grades 2-12 not residing in KSA)
    • If applicable: Special Education/IEP/504 records, including psychological test results
  5. Copy of student and sponsoring parents’ iqamas (if not available upon application, please forward a copy to when issued)
  6. Copy of Immunization Record
  7. A company letter acknowledging sponsorship/employment
  8. Application Fee
  9. If a student is a Saudi National:
  • Copy of Family Book
  • Ministry of Education (MoE) approval letter (Grade 1 - 12)

Saudi National Passport Holders

Saudi Nationals who are applying for Grade 1 to 12 must obtain permission from the Saudi Ministry of Education (MoE), in the form of an approval letter, in order to attend AIS-R. It is recommended that the letter of approval be obtained prior to beginning the AIS-R application process. Please note that Admissions is unable to schedule an entrance assessment until they have the letter. In relation, all PreK to Kg2 applicants will be required to sign a contract stating that they will obtain the MoE approval letter before their child can attend Grade 1 at AIS-R.

Off-Site Application Completion:

AIS-R has a rolling admission process and therefore, there is no deadline. Due to limited seat availability (and annual “Wait Pool”), families are encouraged to begin the application process February 1 for the following school year and beginning in August for the second semester of the school year. Applicants must first complete and submit an application with all the required documentation along with the application fee in order to begin the admissions process. Please refer to the chart below:

Application Fee Non-Saudi Applicant Saudi Applicant
2018-2019 SAR 3360 (includes 5% VAT) SAR 3200 (0% VAT)

Once an application is entirely complete and the application fee has been submitted through wire transfer or direct payment at the AIS-R Finance Office, the applicant's file is reviewed by the AIS-R Admissions Office. A file will not be approved for testing if the child’s school application or records are incomplete, and/or prior records indicate a significant concern in: attendance, behavior, IEP, 504 plan, parent support, and/or academics are well below grade level. At which time, the applicant will be notified by the AIS-R Admissions Office.

Admissions Testing

Determination for Remote, On-site or Exemption of Testing:

For all student applicants in PreK-Grade 1, AIS-R admission testing must be conducted on-site. Should the family be unsure of their arrival date, they must contact the Admissions Office to schedule the admissions assessment when their children are physically in Riyadh. For students Grade 2 to Grade 12, AIS-R admissions testing will be either conducted on-site, at a remote location or be exempt.

For exemption of admissions testing, the following conditions need to be met:

  • The parent has sent a completed application, all required documents and official copies of the most recent academic reports going back at least two years, including the scores of completed standardized tests. AIS-R requires one of the following standardized tests: (e.g., MAP, SSAT, Stanford or PSAT, IOWA, CAT, etc.);
  • The student’s most recent school is fully accredited (i.e. an American accrediting agency or CIS) where the language of instruction is English. If the language of instruction is not English the student may be required to enroll in the English Language Learning (ELL) program at an additional cost;
  • The student’s reports do not include any grades below “C” (or equivalent grade) nor any significant behavioral, academic/learning, attendance, and/or social/emotional concerns;
  • A completed Confidential Teacher Reference is submitted from the current school (AIS-R will send reference directly to the school);
  • Complete and sign the Parent Tuition Obligation Agreement (HERE) and AIS-R Eagle Parent Agreement (HERE);

The principal will either give permission in writing for the assessment to be exempt (based on the above factors) or require an on-site assessment if one or more of the conditions above have not been met.

A Grade 2 applicant may be eligible for remote testing pending the approval of the Director of Admissions and the Elementary School Principal dependent upon prior school records/reports, standardized testing results, and/or the confidential teacher reference form.


Step 1: Student & Parent w/Director of Admissions

  • Photo IDs (students, parents and drivers must have AIS-R IDs to enter campus)
  • Parent Tuition Obligation Contract (HERE)
  • AIS-R Eagle Parent Agreement (HERE)
  • Complete Skyward Contact Information (HERE)
  • Technology Responsible Use Agreement Grade 3 - 12 Applicants (HERE)
  • Ministry of Education Obligation Contract (Saudi Nationals) (HERE)

Step 2: Student Admissions Testing

  • Prek-Gr.1 applicants complete and interview assessment with the counselor and/or EY Coordinator. Students who qualify for English Language Learning, will be assessed by the English Language Learning Specialist.
  • Gr.2-Gr.5 applicants complete an online assessment, writing assessment, and interview with the AIS-R elementary school counselor. Students who qualify for English Language Learning, will be assessed by the Support Service Specialist.
  • Gr.6-Gr.12 applicants complete an online assessment, writing assessment, and World Language placement test in the Assessment Lab (3-4 hours). Students in Grades 6-7 who qualify for English Language Learning, will be assessed by the English Language Learning Specialist.
  • Note: Parents are permitted to leave campus while their child is testing. Parents are also permitted to remain on campus in the Parent Lounge. AIS-R is a closed campus.

Final Application Review

After an applicant has been either exempt from testing or completed testing (remote or on-site), the child’s application is reviewed by the divisional principal to determine acceptance, denial, ELL (Gr. 1-Gr. 8) or conditional placement.

Please note that an admissions assessment does not guarantee that a seat is available, nor that a child will be admitted, as availability of seats is contingent on withdrawal of current students. If a grade level is at capacity, we will maintain a wait pool for accepted applicants. The wait pool is maintained for the applying school year (August-June) only. Applicants interested in the next school year will have to update the required documentation and re-apply.

Timeline for Elementary School Wait Pool

0-6 Weeks*

7 - 24 Weeks*

25+ Weeks*

An applicant may remain in the wait pool for 6 weeks and be admitted (when a seat becomes available) without documentation of continued schooling.

An applicant may remain in the wait pool for a maximum of 24 weeks and be admitted (when a seat becomes available) with documentation of continued schooling (i.e. an ES student must be enrolled in another school during this wait period).

At 25 weeks Admissions may require the family to update the application(s) and to reassess.

*from the first day of the academic year

Timeline for Middle and High School Wait Pool

0-4 Weeks*

5 - 24 Weeks*

25+ Weeks*

An applicant may remain in the wait pool for 4 weeks and be admitted (when a seat becomes available) without documentation of continued schooling (conditions may apply).

An applicant may remain in the wait pool for a maximum of 24 weeks and be admitted (when a seat becomes available) with documentation of continued schooling (i.e. a MS/HS student must be enrolled in another school during this wait period).

At 25 weeks Admissions may require the family to update the application(s) and to reassess.

*from the first day of the academic year

Successful applicants are placed in the ‘Wait Pool’ as soon as their assessments are completed. When a seat becomes available, the Admissions Team (Principals, Director of Admissions, & Counselor) will review all candidates in the Wait Pool to consider each one in context of one another for placement, according to but not limited to, the following factors: North American passport holders that have a verifiable requirement to an American education; in good academic and behavioral standing as evidenced by prior records, attendance, teacher confidentiality reference form, and AIS-R admissions testing results (when applicable); gender; English Language proficiency, and an AIS-R sibling.

When a student is selected from the Wait Pool:

  1. A notification letter is sent from the Admissions Office stating that the applicant is removed from the wait pool and offered a seat in the respective grade level
  2. A tuition and fees invoice is sent by the AIS-R Finance Office. All fees must be paid in full directly to the AIS-R Finance Office within 2 business days of sent invoice. In addition, all fees must be paid in full directly to the AIS-R Finance Office prior to the first day of school.
  3. Once the tuition invoice has been paid in full, a written confirmation of “admittance” is emailed to the parents from the Director of Admissions.
  4. The student is then assigned to a class or advisory dependent upon grade level.

Students will not be assigned a class or advisory nor begin school until the tuition invoice has been paid in full and the child/family has officially been sent the “admittance” letter. If tuition is not paid in full within two business days, the acceptance will be nullified, the application moves back into the wait pool, and the next wait pool applicant is selected.

Please note that the following MUST be completed by the Parent through the Admissions Office before a student begins school:

  1. Student and Parent AIS-R ID issued (IDs are obtained at the Admissions Office);
  2. Cashless system payment (as required; minimum SR 200 - the 5% VAT will be deducted from this payment);
  3. Class placement for ES; a meeting with a MS/HS counselor for scheduling;
  4. Skyward contact information completed;
  5. Signed AIS-R Eagle Parent Agreement (HERE)
  6. Signed AIS-R Parent Tuition Obligation Agreement (HERE)
  7. Complete Skyward Contact Information (HERE)
  8. Vehicle, driver, and nanny registration
  9. Signed Technology Responsible Use Agreement Grade 3 - 12 Applicants (HERE)
  10. Signed Ministry of Education Obligation Contract (Saudi Nationals ONLY) (HERE).

Previous Schooling

All new students must provide official documentation of previous school experience, including transcripts, report cards and standardized test scores. All documents provided must be in English. AIS-R may request a certification of translation from the Consulate of the country in which the student last attended school in order to meet admission requirements. If so, please note that providing this documentation is a parent’s responsibility for admission.

Grade Placement

AIS-R uses the following age guidelines for admissions:


Grade Placement


Grade Placement

3 Year Old


11 Year Old

Grade 6

4 Year Old

Kindergarten 1

12 Year Old

Grade 7

5 Year Old

Kindergarten 2

13 Year Old

Grade 8

6 Year Old

Grade 1

14 Year Old

Grade 9

7 Year Old

Grade 2

15 Year Old

Grade 10

8 Year Old

Grade 3

16 Year Old

Grade 11

9 Year Old

Grade 4

17 Year Old

Grade 12

10 Year Old

Grade 5

AIS-R determines grade level placement for each student based on his or her age, previous schooling, academic level, and/or social-emotional development in adherence with Board Policy. The minimum age for application, acceptance and admission to Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten 1 or 2, and Grade 1 must be reached before the first day of October in the school year as per Board Policy. New students will be accepted and then admitted only after verification of the age has been received in the form of either a birth certificate or passport. Students entering Grade 2 and above may be permitted to do so even if they do not meet the age requirements as long as they have successfully completed the previous grade level at an accredited school. Enrollment may be denied if the student's age significantly exceeds the normal average age for his or her grade placement. All requirements for graduation from AIS-R must be completed before a student's 20th birthday. AIS-R reserves the right to reassign students to another grade level.

English Language Proficiency

Students' English language ability is assessed as part of the admissions process. Those accepted to the Wait Pool or admitted whose English language proficiency is still developing will be placed in an English Language Learners (ELL) support program on the basis of AIS-R policies and the availability of space. There is an additional fee for this program.

Elementary School: Students are tested for but do not require a minimum level of English language proficiency from Grades 1 through the beginning-year of Grade 4. Following this, a limited language proficiency is expected by mid-year in Grade 4. Starting in Grade 5, and up to Grade 7, students will only be accepted if they test at the intermediate level of English language proficiency. ELL students who wish to join Grade 5 midway through the year may be denied if it is determined that there is not enough time remaining in the year to adequately prepare him/her for Grade 6. Students will be placed on the basis of AIS-R placement procedures and space availability. ELL students may be denied admission if it is determined that the ratio of ELL students to fluent English speaking students is too high and detrimental to the educational process of most students in the class.

Middle School: AIS-R may admit students in Grades 6 and 7 with limited ability in English depending upon past academic performance, results of an English language proficiency test, a writing sample, and the availability of space in the appropriate grade level and/or English Language Learners (ELL) program. AIS-R accepts students in Grade 8 if the student tests at the early-advanced level for ELL. However, ELL students who wish to join Grade 8 midway through the year may be denied if it is determined that there is not enough time remaining in the year to prepare him/her for Grade 9. The AIS-R Middle School ELL program is academically challenging. To be successful in the program, a student must demonstrate at least average (“C” or equivalent) academic results from previous schools and have no behavior concerns and/or special needs. Emphasis is placed on core subjects, especially previous language results, both in first and second languages. The administration develops criteria for entrance into, progression through, and exiting from the ELL program that will ensure a smooth transition into the mainstream academic program.

High School: ELL students are required to have English grade-level fluency in order to be admitted to the High School, as there is no additional ELL support in Grades 9 to 12. Students enrolled in the ELL program will receive additional support from a specially trained ELL instructor. The exact form of this support will vary based on each student's specific needs, and will usually take place with the ELL support teacher during regular classes. At times, however, ELL teachers will work one-on-one with students on specific skills or content outside of regular classes.

Late Enrollment and Course Requests:

Students may enter AIS-R at any time during the year, however, students coming to AIS-R after the first semester from a southern hemisphere school (i.e. where the school year ends in November, December or March) may only apply to the same grade level they have just finished. In general, they should not advance to the next grade level because they would be missing the first half of that academic year. This would be particularly problematic in Grades 9-12, as students would be short credits and would not graduate on time - noting that the Ministry of Education requires that all students complete graduate credits prior to reaching their 20th birthday. New students are not guaranteed their first choice of courses. Course choices are subject to the limitations of the master schedule, class sizes, and number of sections offered at a particular grade level.

You may begin the application process:

Telephone: (0)11-459-7500, ext. 305/306

The American International School-Riyadh
P.O. Box 990 Riyadh 11421 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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