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Phone: +966 (0)11 459 7500

Admissions Office

Phone: +966 (0)11 459 7500 ext. 305/306

Human Resources Office

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Mailing Address:

American International School - Riyadh, P.O. Box 990, Riyadh, 11421 KSA

AIS-R Document Request

Please note that all withdrawing students are provided with a withdrawal packet. The withdrawal packet will consist of the most recent two years of AIS-R grade reports, including UNOFFICIAL copies of the last two years of ES/MS report cards and/or HS transcripts, and OFFICIAL copies of the last two years of ES/MS report cards and/or HS transcripts. If a student is leaving mid-year, the packet may also include a current grade report. If a student requires additional document copies please complete the below form and process payment through the Finance Office prior to picking up the documents from the Admissions Office. Note that ordered documents take time to process. Normally, these documents will be processed within two working days. However, any documents requiring attestation from the Saudi Ministry of Education (MoE) will need a minimum of two weeks to process.

Note: The Ministry of Education (MoE) requires that all document attestation requests be submitted by the school ONLY; parents are not permitted to bring documents for attestation to the MoE. In addition, the Ministry of Education will only accept document attestation requests from AIS-R on Sundays.

Fees are as follows:

(includes 5% VAT)

Official ES Report CardSR 30 per copy
Official MS Report CardSR 30 per copy
Official HS TranscriptSR 30 per copy
Attendance LetterSR 30 per copy

Ministry Attested Transfer Letter

SR 160 per copy

Ministry Attested Leaving School Certificate

SR 160 per copy
Additional PhotocopyingSR 3 per copy
Official Copy of HS DiplomaSR 55 per copy
Ministry Attested Transcript and/or DocumentSR 160 per copy
Aramex/DHL Services
US and Canada

Other Countries

SR 95 per envelope
SR 113 per envelope

To order additional documents please complete the below online form by filling in all required fields. Note that you may only fill out one form per student.

A receipt from the Finance Office must be presented at the Admissions Office in order to collect previously ordered documents. The Admissions Office will forward ordered documents by Aramex envelopes if prepaid arrangements were made (address provided) through the Finance Office.

Ordering IB Transcripts

If additional Official IB Transcripts are required, please order these documents by contacting International Baccalaureate directly (HERE).

Document Services

Services/Documents Required

***Please provide us with your Original Diploma to have it attested***

Shipping Address

Alumni and families who are no longer living in Riyadh but require documents may pay by wire transfer for the above services. Please contact the finance office at for payment details.

The American International School-Riyadh
P.O. Box 990 Riyadh 11421 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
+966 (0)11 459 7500
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