General Contact

Phone: +966 (0)11 459 7500

Admissions Office

Phone: +966 (0)11 459 7500 ext. 305/306

Human Resources Office

Phone: +966 (0)11 459 7500 ext. 308

Mailing Address:

American International School - Riyadh, P.O. Box 990, Riyadh, 11421 KSA

Families Leaving AIS-R

The withdrawal form below must be completed by the parent of the student leaving AIS-R. This initiates the withdrawal process and makes it possible for the Admissions Office to produce a student's documents. One form needs to be completed for each student leaving AIS-R. Please also note the following:

AIS-R Materials: AIS-R books and materials must be returned to their respective place or paid for at the Finance Office. AIS-R ID cards, including driver and nanny ID cards, must be turned in to the Admissions Office or to Security at the main gate.

Student Records: The withdrawal packet will consist of the current year and the most recent two years of AIS-R grade reports, including official and unofficial copies of ES/MS report cards and/or HS transcripts. If you require Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education attested (stamped) documents, please note that this process takes about ten business days. For attestation requests and other documents please complete the order form HERE and pay the associated fees with the Finance Office.

Leaving Before the End of the Year: If you are leaving prior to the last day of school, the Admissions Office can forward requested documents if you have prepaid and addressed an Aramex or DHL envelope through the AIS-R Finance Office. High school students leaving early must inform the HS Office at or 459-7500 ext. 703. HS students must also seek approval for the possibility of taking exams early. Students will not receive a transcript showing successful completion of the final semester at AIS-R unless they complete final assessments.

Student Withdrawal Form

Parent’s Permanent Address:

The American International School-Riyadh
P.O. Box 990 Riyadh 11421 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
+966 (0)11 459 7500
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