General Contact

Phone: +966 (0)11 459 7500

Admissions Office

Phone: +966 (0)11 459 7500 ext. 305/306

Human Resources Office

Phone: +966 (0)11 459 7500 ext. 308

Mailing Address:

American International School - Riyadh, P.O. Box 990, Riyadh, 11421 KSA

Families Leaving AIS-R

The form below is to be completed by a withdrawing student’s parent or legal guardian. Please note the following before completing the form.

  1. All AIS-R books and resources must be returned to the respective divisional office or paid for at the Finance Office prior to completing the check-out procedure.
  2. All ID cards (including driver and nanny ID cards) and student check-out forms must be completed and turned in to the Admissions Office before a student’s final records will be released.
  3. It takes at least two (2) school working days to process a student’s final transcript and records. If you require Ministry of Education (MoE) attested documents, please note that this process takes two weeks to process. For this and added documents please use our online order form found HERE.
  4. All withdrawing students are provided with official and unofficial transcript/final records. Again, additional documents can be ordered HERE, or by going to our Admissions webpage (HERE).
  5. If you are leaving prior to the completion of the final transcript/records release date, the Admissions Office will forward the documents if you prepay and address an Aramex envelope through the Finance Office.
  6. Parents requesting early withdrawal of their child from High School must contact the Dean of Students (Mr. Trimm) and provide documentation of the necessity for early withdrawal from AIS-R. Only once documentation has been received and approved will permission be given for the end of semester examinations and assessments to be completed before the withdrawal date. Students will NOT receive a transcript showing successful completion of the final semester at AIS-R unless they complete final semester examinations and assessment requirements.

Student Information

Parent Information

Parent’s Permanent Address:

The American International School-Riyadh
P.O. Box 990 Riyadh 11421 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
+966 (0)11 459 7500
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