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TRUA Agreement and Home Use

Students and parents will be required to sign the TRUA agreement in order to use their device on the school network.

TRUA (Technology Responsible Use Agreement)

As a responsible user of technology at AIS-R, whether I am using a school device or my own, I will act responsibly and follow the AIS-R EAGLE Honor Code.


  • I will only use my accounts and devices and will not attempt to access others’ accounts.
  • I will protect my privacy and keep passwords and personal information, such as my full name, home address, and telephone numbers, confidential (unless requested by school administration).
  • I will not intentionally access, transmit, copy or create material that is illegal or violates AIS-R’s EAGLE Honor Code.


  • I will use my device to share and collaborate with others.
  • I will use my device for a variety of educational purposes.
  • I will be financially responsible if I damage, lose or contribute to the loss of any device (my own, the school’s or another student’s).


  • I will respect the political and religious beliefs of the community in which I live and my use of technology will not contravene those beliefs.
  • I will respect the privacy and intellectual property of others.
  • I will connect with the world in order to understand and positively change it.


  • I will use technology and the school network for learning and not disrupt the learning of my peers.
  • I will communicate respectfully via tools such as email, chat, blogs, video conferencing, etc. and will not create, share or respond to inappropriate messages (and will inform AIS-R faculty/administration).
  • I will create opportunities for individualized and self-directed learning.


  • I will manage my device responsibly.
  • I am responsible for the safe-keeping of my device.
  • I will reduce my global environmental footprint (through the use of e-texts and reduced printing).

Home Use Agreement

We strongly recommend that parents review parameters for device use and ownership. It is important to share with your child the consequences for misusing the device, losing it or damaging it. Home use should be addressed up-front by parents rather than waiting for problems to occur. Depending on the family, rules and limits regarding screen time are encouraged. These rules need to be clearly spelled-out by parents, before the device is used by the child.

The Edutopia site offers detailed guidelines for parents in talking with learners about home device use.

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