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Health Services

We believe that healthy children are successful learners. We are committed to providing the most up-to-date health and resource information for the AIS-R community.

Medical Emergencies and Guardianship

In case of an extreme medical emergency the nurse will use the closest hospital services. It is important to keep us informed of any changes of health status and contact information. If parents or guardians will be unavailable (i.e. out of town on business or vacation) this form must be completed and submitted before the parent or guardian departs.

Sending a Student Home

A student will be sent home in the event of:

  • Fever of 100°F/37.8°C or above
  • Vomiting
  • Persistent diarrhea
  • Injury or illness of a serious nature and the nurse determines a doctor's attention is required
  • Any contagious disease
  • Head lice or pediculosis. Student will be allowed to return to school after first treatment and no live lice are found
  • A severe rash that cannot be identified
  • Not well enough to stay in class

For Preschool and Daycare, a child will be sent home in the event of:

  • Green or yellow discharge from the nose or eyes
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • A temperature 100°F/37.8°C or above
  • Lethargic behavior
  • Complaints of discomfort or pain which do not go away after rest

Parents are required to pick up their child or arrange transportation within one hour of being notified by the school. A student will only be allowed to leave campus after parental permission. In case a parent or guardian cannot be reached, the student will stay in the nurse’s office for the remainder of the day. Students are not allowed to arrange a pickup with their parent or driver without permission from the nurse. All students leaving campus due to an illness or injury must first report to the Nurse's Office.

Chronic Conditions

Our school nurses, administration, faculty and staff work closely with families to meet the health needs of all students. If your child has a chronic disease please contact the school nurse to discuss the specific needs of your child to ensure that proper care and treatment will be provided in case of an emergency. This health information will be shared with the appropriate school personnel, to ensure the health and safety of your child. Listed below are forms for specific chronic conditions. If your child has one of these conditions, please fill out the accompanying form and give it to your child's school nurse.

Asthma: If your child has asthma or breathing problems, please complete this form and return to the school nurse.

Diabetes: If your child has diabetes, please complete this form and return to the school nurse. Please also complete and return this form.

Allergies: If your child has an allergy, please complete this form and return to the school nurse.

Life-threatening Allergy: If your child has a life-threatening allergy, please complete this form and return to the school nurse. HERE is more information on nut allergies and anaphylaxis.

Seizure Disorder: If your child has a seizure disorder, please complete this form and return to the school nurse.

Other Conditions: Please complete this form.

Taking Medication at School

The school nurse must administer all medication that is taken during school hours. Medicines are administered to the student only with written permission from the student's doctor or parent. Any prescription drugs required by a student during school hours must be given to the nurse and this Request to Administer Form must be completed. Students are not allowed to carry over-the-counter medication, nor are they allowed to carry prescribed medication in their backpack or keep it in their locker. All medicines must be left in the nurse's office unless special arrangements have been made with the nurse. Misuse of any drug is subject to disciplinary action. If a student becomes ill or injured during the school day, the school nurse may administer basic medication, as indicated by the parent on the Health Form. The Nurse’s Office keeps only certain over-the-counter medication and no specific medications for specific treatments. The responsibility of providing specific medication to the nurse is the responsibility of the parent or guardian of the student concerned.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact your school nurses:

Ms. Artien Kuiper, R.N., Middle School/High School Nurse, Phone: ext 777

Ms. Mairead Kennedy, RSCN, Elementary School Nurse, Phone: ext 555

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