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Specialists Subjects

Robotics & STEM

Robotics is an exciting course based on principles of design, coding, and problem solving. Most 7th grade students will complete one semester of Robotics and learn to construct a robot and develop programming skills. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is another design class which utilizes 3D printers, power tools, and hand tools to create objects that they design as a means to improve a product or solve a problem. Most 8th grade students will complete a full year of STEM.

Fine and Performing Arts

In the AIS-R Middle School, we are very proud of our Fine and Performing Arts program. The classes offered include visual art, band, choir, digital music and drama. The students are able to select the specific art form they are interested in and then spend the next academic year learning and improving their craft. Each class offers multiple opportunities for presentations and performances. These classes often combine efforts to create authentic events such as “You, Me, Community Day” and the middle school play.

SEL (social and emotional learning)

All 6th grade students will take a full year of SEL. The focus for this class is to develop skills that can be beneficial to navigating the many issues that often impact students during the middle years. Peer relations, conflict resolution, making healthy choices, setting goals, and online safety are some of the topics that are taught in this course.

World Languages

The languages provided in the Middle School at AIS-R are Arabic and French. All students are required to take Arabic each year in Middle School. French is available at a beginning level in sixth grade and intermediate/advanced for seventh and eighth grade as an additional language to be taken alongside Arabic.

Physical Education and Health (Wellness, Health, and Fitness)

The Middle School Wellness, Health and Fitness program will teach students to understand the benefits of an active and balanced lifestyle. Exploration of activity and sport from around the world, instruction on effective athletic techniques, and empowerment in making healthy choices will provide a foundation from which students will excel in their lives.

We are committed to inspiring students to make educated choices and enjoying the fun of physical activity, whether competitive or cooperative, team or individual. One important key to the success in this program is student responsibility.

Wellness, Health and Fitness at AIS-R is a subject in which student participation is emphasized. Participation for all students, regardless of ability or personal experience, is the major focus and expectation of the program. Lessons and units are planned to help students increase their athletic abilities and classroom learning in a positive, supportive setting. It is our goal to provide a physically challenging and emotionally positive experience for all.

Middle School students in Health Education will learn about the following topics related to personal and lifetime wellness:

  • Personal Responsibility and Decision Making
  • Physical Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Personal Safety and First Aid
  • Growth and Development
  • Conflict Resolution & Violence Prevention
  • Social Health
  • Mental and Emotional Health
  • Stress Management
  • Substance Abuse Prevention
    • Tobacco
    • Alcohol
The American International School-Riyadh
P.O. Box 990 Riyadh 11421 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
+966 (0)11 459 7500
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