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High School Academic Program

AIS-R is deeply committed to providing a comprehensive, college preparatory curriculum, implemented by a superior faculty and staff. The high expectations and standards of our academic program prepare students for admission into competitive universities around the world. In fact, last year 100% of AIS-R's college and university applicants were accepted, with most students receiving multiple offers from a variety of excellent schools. Following is a complete, at-a-glance listing of the High School Courses currently offered at AIS-R. A minimum of 23 credits including 12.5 hours of community service for each year at AIS-R and passing ‘Student Life’ are required for graduation. For more information, please check the course descriptions in the 2020-21 Course Catalog.

High School Course Offerings

English Literature

  • English 9
  • English 10
  • DP English Language and Literature SL, HL
  • DP Language A Literature Self-taught/School Supervised (for Bilingual DP Candidates; SL only)
  • HS Literacy


  • Integrated Mathematics I
  • Integrated Mathematics II
  • Integrated Mathematics II/III
  • Integrated Mathematics III
  • Calculus & Statistics for Business
  • DP Mathematical Studies SL
  • DP Mathematics SL, HL


  • Integrated Science 9
  • Integrated Science 10
  • DP Biology SL, HL
  • DP Chemistry SL, HL
  • DP Physics SL, HL
  • DP Nature of Science SL

Social Studies

  • Global Perspectives 9 and History & Geography of the Kingdom
  • Peace and Social Justice 10 (Blended Course) and Islamic Culture
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship/Business Start-up
  • DP Global Politics SL, HL
  • DP Business Management SL, HL
  • DP Economics SL, HL
  • DP Information Technology in a Global Society (ITGS) SL, HL (taken online through Pamoja)
  • Psychology HL, SL (taken online through Pamoja)
  • Philosophy SL (taken online through Pamoja)

  • DP Core: EE/CAS
  • DP Theory of Knowledge

World Languages

  • Arabic I
  • Arabic II
  • Arabic III
  • DP Arabic AB Initio SL ab initio
  • DP Arabic B SL, HL
  • French I
  • French II
  • French III
  • DP French ab initio SL (take online through Pamoja)
  • DP French B SL, HL
  • DP AB Initio Spanish SL ab initio
  • DP Spanish B SL, HL
  • DP Spanish B SL (taken online through Pamoja)
  • Mandarin ab initio SL (taken online through Pamoja)

Computer and Information Technology

  • Innovation 9
  • Digital Photography/Digital Portfolio
  • Yearbook Design & Production
  • Advanced STEM
  • Robotics
  • Game Design

Fine and Performing Arts

  • Studio Art
  • Yearbook Design & Production
  • Earth and Light: Ceramics and Digital Photography
  • Digital Photography/ Digital Portfolio
  • DP Visual Arts SL, HL
  • Concert Band
  • Concert Orchestra
  • Rock Band/Digital Music Production
  • Theater Production
  • DP Theater SL, HL
  • DP Film (take online through Pamoja)

Wellness, Health and Fitness

  • Wellness, Health and Fitness 9
  • Wellness, Health and Fitness
  • Sports Event and Event Management
  • Nutrition, Wellbeing and Culinary Arts

Elective and other Additional Courses

  • SAT Prep/Action Service Project

  • DP CAS Elective for non-DP candidates
  • Islamic Studies
  • Study 9
  • Study 10
  • Study 11
  • Study 12
  • Self-directed Study 11 & 12

The American International School-Riyadh
P.O. Box 990 Riyadh 11421 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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