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High School Academic Program

AIS-R is deeply committed to providing a comprehensive, college preparatory curriculum, implemented by a superior faculty and staff. High expectations and standards of our academic program prepare students for admission into competitive universities around the world. In fact, last year 100% of AIS-R's college and university applicants were accepted, with most students receiving multiple offers from a variety of excellent schools. Following is a complete, at-a-glance listing of the High School Courses currently offered at AIS-R. A minimum of 25 credits including 12.5 hours of community service for each year at AIS-R are required for graduation. For more information, please check the course descriptions in the AIS-R Course Catalog.

High School Course Offerings

English Literature

English 9
English 10
DP English Language and Literature SL, HL
Journalism/High School Newspaper
DP Language A Literature Self-taught (for Bilingual DP Candidates; SL only)
HS Literacy


Integrated Mathematics I
Integrated Mathematics II for 9th graders
Integrated Mathematics II for 10th graders
Integrated Mathematics II/III for 10th graders
Integrated Mathematics III for 10th graders
Integrated Mathematics III for 11th graders
Calculus & Statistics for Business
DP Mathematical Studies SL
DP Mathematics SL, HL


Integrated Science 9
Integrated Science 10
DP Biology SL, HL
DP Chemistry SL, HL
DP Physics SL, HL
DP Nature of Science SL

Social Studies

World History I and History & Geography of the Kingdom
World History II (Blended Course) and Islamic Culture
Introduction to Business, Economics & Entrepreneurship
DP Global Politics SL, HL
DP Business Management SL, HL
DP Economics SL, HL
DP Theory of Knowledge

World Languages

Arabic II
Arabic III
DP Arabic AB Initio SL
DP Arabic B SL, HL
French II
French III
DP French B SL, HL
Spanish II
Spanish III
DP AB Initio Spanish SL
DP Spanish B SL, HL
DP Language A Literature Self-taught (for Bilingual DP Candidates; SL only)

Computer and Information Technology

STEM/Broadcast Journalism
Advanced STEM
Web Design
Graphic Design and Production
Eagle News Network (Advanced Broadcast Journalism)

Fine and Performing Arts

Art I
Art II
DP Visual Arts SL, HL
Concert Band
Concert Orchestra
Concert Choir
Introduction to Acting and Public Speaking
Advanced Acting and Directing
DP Theater SL, HL

Physical Education

Physical Education & Health 9
Physical Education & Health 10
Lifetime Health & Sports Conditioning

Additional Courses

Extended Essay
Islamic Studies
Study 11
Upper Class Seminar
Study 12

The American International School-Riyadh
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