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World Languages

The study of a world language provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience for students. The comparisons and connections that students make through the exploration of another language help them develop their literacy skills. However, learning a second language is not all about learning a set of grammar rules. It is also the appreciation for another culture, a way of thinking and a perspective on the world. Finally, the study of world languages is a process that requires regular and autonomous practice within four main areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing. In order to make good progress, students need to demonstrate the following qualities: risk-taking, tolerance to error, self-evaluation, and peer-evaluation.

The AIS-R World Languages program is a second language program, not a language literacy program. This language must not be the dominant language at home or at school. The AIS-R High School currently offers world language classes in Arabic and French from Level 1 to DP Higher Level. DP courses for beginners are also offered in Arabic and Spanish on campus and French online through Pamoja at the ab initio level to students in grade 11. The World Languages Department believes that the key elements to make a lesson successful are the relationship developed by an enthusiastic teacher with his/her students and the planning of purposeful activities with clear objectives. Good relationships and work ethics result in good learning and better chances of success for AIS-R students.

In accordance with our school's mission statement, it is the goal of the World Languages Department to inspire students to become "ethical and responsible world citizens who communicate effectively." As stated in the IB Learner Profile, our objective is to help students "understand and express ideas and information confidently and creatively in more than one language". Collaboration through group work and peer evaluation is an essential part of our world language classes.

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