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Welcome to AIS-R’s Early Years (PreK & Kg1) Program page. Here you will find specific information about our Eagle Honor Code; curriculum & center-based approach; and parent partnerships & communication. For additional information, please visit the AIS-R Elementary School blog.

Eagle Honor Code:

AIS-R elementary school students are expected to follow our AIS-R Honor Code, which defines what it means to be an AIS-R EAGLE: Ethical, Adaptable, Global, Learning, and Environmental. We believe our elementary school children are AIS-R Eagles and that they Make a Difference.

Our Curriculum:

Our Three-year-old (PreK) and Four-year-old (Kg1) Early Years program is a wonderful place for both children and parents. For children, we offer a planned daily schedule that integrates thematic activities implemented by our dedicated and caring staff. Children learn skills through play, while participating in a variety of age-appropriate activities that encourage exploration, verbalization, and creativity. We aim to help children feel good about themselves and see themselves as capable learners and members of our community. The Early Years program is holistic, developing the social/emotional, fine motor, gross motor, language and literacy/numeracy readiness skills in preparation for our whole day Kg2 program.

Our Philosophy:

Based on the principles of empathy, responsibility and community, our play-based program encourages students to learn in a self-guided, collaborative manner through exploration, discovery and sharing. We ensure that this model of learning takes place within a nurturing and enriching environment, based on the diverse interests and needs of each individual child. Our fundamental goal is to respect and foster intellectual curiosity and help children develop into caring, autonomous, self-directed learners.

Our Day & Center Based Approach:

Our Students partake in a half-day program, beginning their day at 8:20am and are dismissed at 1:15pm. There is ample opportunity for outdoor play in our shady playground. Formal instruction includes Circle Time, Story Time and our Kg1 Handwriting Without Tears program to introduce literacy skills. Our Early Years Classrooms have been carefully designed to encourage and stimulate independence, cooperation, confidence and self-regulation as children move between carefully orchestrated learning spaces, commonly referred to as play-based centers. Each classroom is equipped with the following learning spaces; dramatic play center, malleable center (clay and playdough), building center, science exploration center, building center, sensory center, provocation center and story center.

Parent Partnerships & Communication:

Open, honest and ongoing communication is critical to the success of the educational partnership we strive for between students, parents and teachers. We ask that you follow the Parent Communication Flowchart when communicating concerns. The following are sources for school related information:

  • K-12 Activity Calendar: A calendar of all AIS-R events is distributed to all students.
  • Blogs: The Elementary School blog,, contains news and information about Elementary School activities.
  • Classroom Blogs: All classroom events, homework, and activities can be accessed via your child’s classroom blog.
  • Email: Families can email teachers and administration with questions and concerns.
  • Newsflash: A weekly newsletter of upcoming events, articles, and items of special interest to parents and students is emailed to all parents and can be viewed online through Moodle.
  • Skyward: Is our school information system that allows parents to view their child’s report cards, MAP scores, and school messages. Each parent is issued a Skyward ID and password. Please keep your skyward contact information current.
  • Website: Browse the school’s website to find general information about each grade level and general school information

The American International School-Riyadh
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